When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are every Thursday evening during term time, located at St Andrews Church in Furnace Green. 

What happens in a rehearsal?

We start with a vocal ‘warm up’ and then George takes us through the music for that week. We have a short break halfway through, which gives us a chance to socialise.

Who are we?

Our members are ordinary people from a wide range of backgrounds and of varying ages, who simply share a love of music. Some are experienced and some are fairly new to choral singing. Not everyone can read music – it is not essential but it is very useful to know at least the basics. There are plenty of online resources available to help singers to learn their part, and we offer advice and encouragement to members so they can make use of these. We also provide a members area of the website with useful links to help you.

The choir is run by a committee of dedicated people, each with their own particular area of  responsibility. As well as making sure rehearsals run smoothly, and planning and preparing for our concerts, the committee organise other events from time to time, such as social evenings or singing workshops.

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